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Net Bag Linen - Large



Natural, Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

A reusable net bag with drawstring in 100% untreated linen. The bag is perfect for use when you're shopping t.ex. fruits, vegetables like potatoes.

Size: 32,5 x 26.5 cm

Weight: 27 g

Country of manufacture: Latvia

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Linen is a durable and solid natural fiber with a long history. The easy-to-use natural material becomes softer and more beautiful over time, if you take care of it well.

Linen care:

Wash before first use if You´ll use it for food.

Linen absorbs moisture very well and dries quickly. Can also be boiled. We don`t recommend hand washing, use machine washing for best results. The temperature should be selected according to the product's surface treatment, but we recommend washing the bag at 60 ° C. Linen shouldn`t be tumble dry because dry and crisp linen is very difficult to iron and shortens the life of the fabric.

Different from cotton and other fabrics, all dirt gets stuck instead of being absorbed, so that the fabric is easier to wash. In addition, linen has the ability to self-clean, just like wool, because the fibers don`t absorb dirt in depth.

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