Why do we choose to offer natural and organic skin care and environmentally friendly, sustainable household products in our butik?

In the first place, I - Liga whole my life has thought sustainable. I chooses primarily to buy high quality clothes and shoes, accessories, makeup and even skin care, hygiene and hair care products. And the desire is for others to do the same - think sustainable, use more environmentally-friendly, naturall and wherever possible also organic products. What worries me a lot is what we do with nature, which gives us so much joy and even food. We can take a walk in the woods , pick berries, mushrooms or just take a walk to get new energy and breathe fresh air.

Have you ever thought of how it´ll affect our children or grandchildren if we continue to use strong detergents daily? My heart hurts every time when a child passes by and smells of perfumed laundry or fabric softener, hygiene products or the parents cheap perfume. And then the question arises why children often become ill or get chronic diseases, such as asthma, which in the worst case can be fatal. Pure water is becoming more and more deficient, every time you open the crane it becomes less. Do you close the water tap when brushing your teeth?

My goal is to clean our home from unnecessary plastic items, clothes/sofas made of synthetic materials.

In the company and in daily consumption, we use recycled paper, cardboard, tape and reuse cartons. We also sort everything from paper to metal.

How was the idea of ​​PureButik born?

Before the company was registered, we wondered what name the webshop should have. The name "PureButik" came on a road trip. "Pure" as most of us know means "clean" and "butik"...this word is more nicer than "shop".

In 2011, PureButik began selling natural candles from Italy. During that period, I made natural and organic skin care products for myself. It's great to create something for yourself - you have to try it ... it's exciting, like cooking a real meal.  I don`t have any chemist's education and in the same I got pregnant, I chose to end my creation. But there was still interest in self-making and using natural, organic skin care products. Then I heard that there was a Latvian company that produced organic facial, body care products called "Kivvi" who was looking for partner in Sweden. Then it was decided that PureButik's would also start selling  natural and organic skin care.

Visit Purebutik and you will see that we don`t only sell Latvian brands, but also Swedish, German and I hope shortly also French.


All marketing material I do by myself. I guess I've got up to thousands of product images. I and my family come from Latvia and Swedish is my fifth language, so I don`t handle the it to 100%, so colleague Lindha helps us to edit the texts and all text material we use.

My helping hands

First of all, it is my partner - Raitis, who is responsible for all the technical things and for the shop to work as it should.

Our daughter - Emilija, her drawings, I use as a background in product images. She also selects who wins in competitions.

Our friend Lindha, who is from Gothenburg, is fragrant and chemically hypersensitive and is our "test rabbit" so that the assortment also suits scents-sensitive, allergies and asthmatics. Because of her illness, she gets sick of almost everything and has trouble leaving the home and she helps us via the internet and phone with all product descriptions and other administrative jobs.

How I - Lindha came into contact with PureButik

Entered the company a bit by accident when I was looking for products with organic content and weak scent. I have asthma, Shr - odor sensitive and Mcs - Multiple chemical hypersensitivity, it is difficult to find products that work.
Liga and Raitis had the idea of ​​targeting the company for fragrance sensitive and what wouldn`t be perfect for having a human "test rabbit".
And since I have previous experience in direct and distance sales, customer and company contacts, overall purchasing and financial responsibility, store managerial positions at larger companies, doing business and online stores, and being hired to grocery stores, I can provide extra help. Are so happy and grateful for the cooperation with Liga and Raitis, as my days become more important, because I`m almost unable to go out. And it is quite boring to stay att home all day long. I have new friends, me and my family - consisting of my beloved half Peter and our son Hampus, we meet when there is an opportunity. But thanks to the internet, I hear and Liga via email every day - my little world has grown bigger thanks to my friend and being human "test rabbit" has its advantages.

The website Purebutik.se runs by Pu&Re Butik Stockholm HB.

Company ID number 969757-9341
VAT registration SE969757934101

You who live at Ekerö are welcome to visit us on Ploglandsvägen to know more, smell and buy products. Just call, email or text us before.

Welcome as a customer to us at Purebutik.se!


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