List of products by manufacturer Naturlig Deo - Swedish Handmade Organics

Naturlig Deo founded by Sara Lindahl autumn of 2015, when even the Ltd. Nordic Eco Care was started.

The vision is to offer organic and hand-made products that is a better choice for us and the environment. The idea for Naturlig Deo arose after the difficulties to find a natural/organic deodorant without aluminum. And also don´t have long and hard understandable ingredients lists.


The products are handmade with few and carefully selected ingredients with care for both people, animals and nature. Deodorants are working in a natural way to eliminate the smell of sweat and absorb wetness. Deodorants are free from aluminum, alcohol, unnecessary chemicals and other additives.

Naturlig Deo organic deodorants are vegan, suitable for scent-sensitive and are unisex.

The production follows the cosmetics regulation and obligations, for example, safety assessment and product labeling, good manufacturing processes andnotification of products to the EU Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP).


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