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Zoya Goes Pretty - Simple and Pure Skincare

The main ingredient of Zoya Goes Pretty products is pure unrefined organic shea butter that is extremely moisturizing and works directly soothing on the skin. Pure untreated, unrefined shea butter is similar to large lumps of hard caramel glass that is solid at room temperature, but melts easily in the hands and absorbs by the skin.

The products are 100% organic and contain very few ingredients. In addition, all ingredients are melted under 40 degrees - the careful handling of raw materials ensures that all important nutrients remain.

Zoya Goes Pretty products moisturize and soften from top to toe. The products can be used on the whole body - face, body, as a lip balm, hair wrapping, for dry hands, nail cuticle, feet ans as well as on chapped skin.

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  • Rosehip Face Balm 60gr *Zoya Goes Pretty
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    Rosehip Face Balm 60 gram *Zoya Goes Pretty

    Zoya Goes Pretty - Simple and Pure SkincareSuitable for all skin types, especially for dry, damaged and mature skinIf you are looking to find a new basic product for your skin care routine, you have come across to a butter, which will surprise you with each use.The benefits from combining Shea Butter with Rosehip and Jojoba Oil are beyond any expectations...

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  • Shea Butter & Coconut Oil 60g *Zoya Goes Pretty
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    Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter 60 gram *Zoya Goes Pretty

    Zoya Goes Pretty - Simple and Pure Skincare Suitable for dry, mature and sensitive skin Rich moisturizer to keep skin in healthy & smooth condition.Two of the richest known butters which are mixed together – African Shea Butter and Peruvian Cacao Butter. This fabulous blend multiplies the nutritive values of each of them.Sweet-smelling Cacao Butter...

    99,00 kr
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