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  • DABBA - Northern Botanicals

    DABBA is revealing the darkest and most colourful essence of Northern nature. It’s a story about wild Northern forests, meadows, marshes, rivers and lakes. It`s a story told through dark and bright colours just like the Northern seasons. It`s a story told through flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, bark of the wood and cosmetics that were crafted using those same though plants. It’s a story about a journey back to nature, back to your roots, to your deepest self.

    Own farm, own extracts - in 2011 DABBA started as a distillery of the finest Floral Waters and it did not take too long before realising that our ideas and approach are not always easy to implement without having our own farm. Today DABBA is cultivating and wild harvesting most of the plants used in its products at its own farm, where roughly 50 hectares are split between forest, wild meadows, orchards and herb gardens.

  • i+m Naturkosmetik Berlin

    i+m Naturkosmetik Berlin was founded 37 years ago and has become one of Germany’s most well-established natural cosmetics brands. Founder Inge Stamm numbers among the most experienced natural cosmetics creators in Germany.
    The Brand has become one of Germany's most established of high quality natural cosmetic brands and created in his hometown of Berlin.
    The product range includes a wide range of skin care, hair care and body care.
    i+m´s recipes: "Placing trust in the power of the plants."

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  • Naturlig Deo - Swedish Handmade Organics

    Naturlig Deo founded by Sara Lindahl autumn of 2015, when even the Ltd. Nordic Eco Care was started.

    The vision is to offer organic and hand-made products that is a better choice for us and the environment. The idea for Naturlig Deo arose after the difficulties to find a natural/organic deodorant without aluminum. And also don´t have long and hard understandable ingredients lists.

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  • Purenn - pure north nature

    Purenn AB launched in 2017.
    The range consists of cleaning and laundry products.
    The products have been developed with care for you and for the nature.
    Selected products in the range are aroma-free and designed for sensitive skin (sensitive) and are suitable especially good for people with allergies and fragrance hypersensitivety.

    Eco Friendly, Vegan, Organic & Natural

  • Zoya Goes Pretty

    Zoya Goes Pretty - Simple and Pure Skincare

    The main ingredient of Zoya Goes Pretty products is pure unrefined organic shea butter that is extremely moisturizing and works directly soothing on the skin. Pure untreated, unrefined shea butter is similar to large lumps of hard caramel glass that is solid at room temperature, but melts easily in the hands and absorbs by the skin.


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